Men in Uniforms

Two weeks in a row we photographed weddings at Trinity University Parker Chapel.  Both weddings the men wore uniforms.  Usually, the bride and her attendants are the colorful ones and the men just wear black.  These two weddings were very different.

In the first wedding the men wore Scottish kilts.  That is a tailored garment that is wrapped around the wearer’s body at the waist.  The fastenings are straps and buckles on both ends.   The association of particular patterns with individual clans and families can be traced back perhaps one or two centuries.  They make very colorful wedding attire!

This week some of the active and retired U.S. Army and Air Force men wore their dress uniforms.  These are very handsome outfits (guaranteed to have an effect on young ladies).  In the Army, the color that is shown denotes the branch of service.  Red is the Engineer’s color and it is my favorite because that was my branch (a long time ago)!

Added features on a uniform are medals and insignia.  In fact, if you know what you are doing you can know everything about someone in uniform.  You can tell their salary, their interests, where they have been and how brave they are!  It is a lot to explain, but it is much more than a name tag!

Whatever the free country, branch, color or uniform, we are proud of our service personnel.  They all provide the freedoms we too often take for granted!  And they make my pictures more colorful!


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