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Holiday decorations and New Year’s Eve

Getting married at Christmas time can save a lot of money for the bride’s family.  The church is already decorated.  In fact, sometimes the bride’s family is instructed not to put any more flowers in the church.  This is music to the ears of the bride’s father!

A very beautiful and well attended wedding that I did twenty-six years ago was at Christ Episcopal Church and the reception was at the St. Anthony Hotel on New Year’s Eve.  The reception was held in the entire part of the first floor of the hotel.  There were probably over 1000 guests.  The party went on until midnight and then much later.  The expensive Champagne was poured on and on.  They even served a huge breakfast!  Yum!  Many of the guests had booked hotel rooms even though they lived in San Antonio….they did not want to drive home…I don’t blame them.

 A long time ago it wasn’t unusual for a wedding to last until well after midnight.  Usually at a ranch wedding a big breakfast would be served about four o’clock in the morning.  I remember a wedding down in the Del Rio area….Val Verde County.  The four a.m. breakfast was a big bar-b-que.   They fried eggs in a huge pan over a big open fire.  That cooking pan was about three feet wide and six inches deep filled with boiling hot grease.  When an egg was thrown into the pan, it fried almost instantly!  I can tell you that it was the best tasting egg you have ever eaten!

 There was another large wedding on New Year’s Eve in a big south Texas city were the two children who walked down the aisle belonged to the bride and groom.  When I asked what their story was, they said, “We just wanted to make sure we were meant for each other before we tied the knot.”  Whatever!

 On holiday weddings you can save money on flowers and decorations, but you usually spend a lot more for wine, beer and Champagne!


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