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Fiesta Medals!

King Antonio has had a Fiesta coin since the beginning in 1927.  Then in 1971, King Antonio Charles Orsinger had the great idea of making the coin into a medal that you could wear.  He had 500 coins put on fabric that could be pinned on your shirt and worn.  Those 500 medals lasted about 10 minutes!  Everybody wanted one.  He ordered 1,000 more and they were gone quickly.

Today, 41 years later, everybody and their dog has their own medal.  Medals come in plastic bags, on little cards and in boxes!  Originally, the King pinned your medal on you….personally!  Now, the Fiesta medal is a form of advertising for all sorts of businesses, cities, schools and clubs.  They are ordered by lots of people for lots of groups…..too many to name!

Yesterday, I saw this chef at the Westin Hotel wearing his collection.  Other people make hats with medals.  Every time I think I have seen it all, I see something else.

The funny thing is that after Fiesta is over, nobody wears a medal.  You would look like a nut walking down the street wearing a medal any other time of the year.  I have a framed collection of medals that goes back to the beginning.  Sometimes I use them for decorations at a party.  People say, “What in the world are those for?”


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An iPhone Ceremony

Every time I think I’ve seen it all….I see something else!  That happened last weekend at a wedding we photographed.

The wedding was in the International Center and was supposed to start at 6 pm.  All the guests were there and seated.  The person who was supposed to officiate was not there.  There was no contact information with a phone number to call this person.

I told the mother of the bride that I could do the ceremony but that I had not brought the book with the information.  Jenna-Beth said that she could find a ceremony on her iPhone.  I said that would be great except the print was so small that I could not read it.  Jenna-Beth said that she would read it and I could sign the paper work.  The bride’s parents thought that was a great idea.  The bride and her father were walking down the aisle while Jenna-Beth was still searching on her iPhone!

The ceremony began only a few minutes late and everything turned out fine.  I signed the marriage license and had the two witnesses sign it, too.  The guests thought it was a beautiful ceremony and asked Jenna-Beth where her church was located! 


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