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Charles, himself

Charles, himself


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January 19, 2012 · 10:23 pm

Cameras at wedding ceremonies

Cameras at wedding ceremonies

Isn’t it interesting how all religious denominations have their own ways of doing things?  Everyone believes that their way is the right way!

Episcopalians have a rule that flash photos cannot be taken during their services.  Catholics want you to take photos (flash or not) during their services…..right up at the altar.  I had a priest ask me during the wedding service if I wanted him to move so that I could have a better angle!  I was already right up at their altar.

Catholics don’t mind if children run up and down their aisles during the ceremony.  Some other denominations have private “cry rooms” for their children so that they won’t be heard.

Fifty years ago nobody had a camera at a wedding except soldiers who had brought them back from overseas.  Now it seems as though everyone has a camera.  We even have a camera on our cell phones.  They take pretty good photos, too!

At a Methodist, Episcopalian or Presbyterian wedding ceremony, the professional photographer has to stay at the back of the church and can’t use a flash….while the guests bring flashes and cameras, sit at the front of the church and take all kinds of photos all during their services.

Many churches have a “Wedding Rules” document printed out.  It is given to the bride who is supposed to tell the photographers….and the guests!  Sometimes the rules are passed on and sometimes they aren’t.

Experienced professional photographers always know and follow the rules.  We also have long lenses so we can take a good photo without being close.  Bottom line, don’t use an amateur!  Hire us!


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