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The Big Leap

CPT Parish 100-2

Since this is Veterans Day, I have a story about Veterans.  While I was in the Army Reserves, I was a paratrooper and a pilot.  Somehow, I got involved with Army skydivers who all wanted to be dropped on weekends.  I must have dropped hundreds of them!  From my point of view it meant taking off and climbing up to about 12,000 feet, dropping about 8 people and then gliding back down to the landing strip….over and over again!

One time that I remember very well was on a Sunday afternoon.  A couple wanted to get married while they were free falling.  So, the minister, bride and groom all got in the plane with their parachutes on and off we went….to 12,000 feet.  After about a 20 minute climb they stood in the door and over the drop zone….out they went!

The preacher performed the ceremony in about 30 seconds.  They all pulled their rip chords and the glided down with the minister saying, “I now pronounce you man and wife.”  (I suppose that is what they said.  I was gliding down in the aircraft!)


My only advice about marriage is, “Look before you leap!”


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