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Hello wedding world!

My name is Charles Parish and I am 73 years old.  Now, don’t tell me, “It’s sooo nice to meet you!”…Because, the truth is it’s just nice I’m still alive to be met!  I have been married to my wife, Betty, for 51 years (as of July 1st).  People say she deserves a medal.  We have 2 daughters who live here in San Antonio and married local yokals who don’t ask me for very much money.  Talk about getting old…. my grandson, Charlie, just graduated from Sewanee with a degree written in Latin.  I think it means he passed everything.  My granddaughter, Annabelle, is now a freshman there.  I took her to every single county in the state of Texas once (more stories to come on this one). 

Charlie and Annabelle after he received his dipolma written in Latin

I love taking pictures of people…..not things.  And I don’t like some nit wit standing behind my back telling me which way to aim the camera. Even to this day, I don’t know near as much about the technical end of photography as the people who travel around giving seminars on “light space”and whatever.  But, I’ve been running this business (pretty successfully, I think) for 47 years and I do know how to wear deodorant, brush my teeth and, most Important of all….talk to people.

This is me

In the past year I was lucky enough to have a really smart, nice, Trinity graduate named Jenna-Beth join Parish Photography.  JB is really with it.  She updated my web site and everything else.  This blog consists of many of the things I have told JB.

This is JB's favorite picture of me...

 Now, thru this blog….we will attempt to share some rules of success in the photography industry.  Let’s start this off with a disclaimer, over the years as I’ve gotten older I find my brain has to work harder and harder to remember names, faces, and whether or not I had already picked up my prescription. I struggle daily to understand why all these crazy teenagers use “like” every other word. It is absolutely mindboggling to me. I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things and I feel it is my civic duty to share them with all you nit-wits out there who “like”think they “like” know everything about “like” everything. My mind is as sharp as it’s ever going to be so I’m ready to share its contents with the world before the time comes (as it’s going to be soon) that I can’t remember a dern thing!!!

Thanks for watching or reading or whatever.  We’ll talk about weddings mostly from now on. 



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