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Who are you?

Watch out… today’s world, if you aren’t careful, somebody will stick a name tag on you!  Name tags……they drive me up a wall.  I have heard that your career is in big trouble if you are over forty and you still wear a name tag.  Don’t misunderstand me, I know that name tags are necessary for security purposes in some organizations.

People in jail get an ID number….usually on their backs.  Dogs have a tag….usually on their necks.  Cattle get branded….on their rear ends.  Everything now has a serial number.  Cars have license plates….my plate reads “I SNAP M” and everybody knows that I am a photographer!  Incidentally, I have heard that people with personalized plates get fewer tickets.  Maybe that’s because if people know your name, you act nicer!

Our wonderful new rector at my church has name tags for us to wear on Sundays.  I can understand that….if it is temporary (I hope)!  It helps him learn our names.  It probably helps everybody in a temporary learning process.

 My point is this:  We need to get to KNOW each other….not just each other’s NAME.  A name tag allows people to appear more sociable in a group setting.   If a name can be really remembered, that’s even better.  But, we must take the next step……GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER…..not just their name.

Try this….can you tell me who you are without telling me your name? 


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