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Only 5% have them

….a Family Portrait made by a professional photographer.  Statistically, that is a fact.  I mean a nice portrait in your home or our studio…..made with correct lighting and fine cameras.

It is the nature of man to leave something to the world that says he has been here.  The only material thing he can leave is the story of his life and accomplishments, and certainly a part of that story is his physical likeness.  Fine portraiture serves as a link between generations.  I say “he” but I mean “she” is part of this, too.

Day to day giving and receiving of portraits by family and friends is a symbol of love and closeness.  It is an expression that deepens human values, and lends emphasis to the unity of mankind.  That is pretty heavy, but it is the truth!

When are the most meaningful portrait times?  Our experience in the portrait field suggests a pattern which serves those who subscribe to it with a rich family history.

In my next few blogs I will suggest appropriate times and places for family portraits.  I will also make suggestions on what to wear and who should be included.

Stay tuned.


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