I’m a 23 year-old working for a 73 year-old, whom I like to call Mr.P.  As I’m sure you can imagine, he thinks I have a lot to learn about life and I think he needs to stop dwelling in the past and live in the present.   He tells me to “Slow down!!!” and I tell him to “Pick up the pace!”  He takes the traditional pictures, I take the modern ones.  He cracks the jokes to customers, I give the “thanks for putting up with him” look.   We bicker and fight and joke.  But, despite our 50 year age difference, we make a pretty good team.

JB and Mr.P

Most photographers are in this industry because they love to take pictures.  We’re a little different.  We just love people!  We like stories, we like interacting, we like learning about families.  We just happen to use photography as an avenue to do it.

This blog is dedicated (in my opinion) to our quirky relationship in the studio and how we see our relationships with our customers.

But, If I’m going to be even more honest, this blog is a way for me to pass Mr.P on to YOU!  He has lots of wisdom and lots of opinions.  This blog will mostly be written by him, unless I just have to share a funny story or quote in honor of Mr.P.  Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the product of his many, crazy years in the business… from the comfort of your own home!

Good Luck!


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