Who should do my cake?

About 25 years ago, Parish Photography had already been in business for about 25 years.

In those days, brides were coming to talk about their photography and then they would ask us, “Who should do my cake?”  Or, who should do my flowers, my music, my food, my whatever…..and we would make suggestions because we had relationships with the best “vendors” as they are now called.

Then, one day, in 1988 I called 5 ladies together and said that I had registered the name “Wedding Planners.” I asked them to start offering seminars for potential brides on how to put a wedding together.  A couple of seminars were presented, but after each one, brides would come and ask for personal help with their weddings.  That’s when Wedding Planners, Inc. was born.

Today, Parish Photography and Wedding Planners share the same office at 7701 Broadway.  Many brides come to see Wedding Planners after they have already hired some of their vendors.  We sometimes joke that it should have been named Wedding Re-planners.  As a result, on Saturday night my Wedding Planner wife, Betty, and I go to different weddings.  That makes no sense.

So, we have a proposal.  A bride who uses Parish Photography and Wedding Planners for their wedding will receive a gift that the bride’s father will really understand and appreciate!  Come ask us about it!


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