An iPhone Ceremony

Every time I think I’ve seen it all….I see something else!  That happened last weekend at a wedding we photographed.

The wedding was in the International Center and was supposed to start at 6 pm.  All the guests were there and seated.  The person who was supposed to officiate was not there.  There was no contact information with a phone number to call this person.

I told the mother of the bride that I could do the ceremony but that I had not brought the book with the information.  Jenna-Beth said that she could find a ceremony on her iPhone.  I said that would be great except the print was so small that I could not read it.  Jenna-Beth said that she would read it and I could sign the paper work.  The bride’s parents thought that was a great idea.  The bride and her father were walking down the aisle while Jenna-Beth was still searching on her iPhone!

The ceremony began only a few minutes late and everything turned out fine.  I signed the marriage license and had the two witnesses sign it, too.  The guests thought it was a beautiful ceremony and asked Jenna-Beth where her church was located! 



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