What about body art?

I’ve been told that tattoos have been around since sailors had them in 1769.  Or, maybe people have had them in other parts of the world before that.  They have just become popular in the United States since the 1990’s.  Now, it seems that men and women have an equal number of tattoos.

People have these “pieces of art” all over their bodies.  When a bride and her bridesmaids put on their dresses, this “body art” becomes part of their costumes.  It is hard not to notice a bride with a tattoo walking down the aisle at her wedding.

I saw a groom who had his face painted on the back of his head.  When he was at the altar it looked as though he was facing the congregation!  It really made you think twice!

When the bride has this art on her legs, it makes quite a show when the groom is removing her garter.  She has to make sure that the garter matches the tattoos.

Maybe someday a bride and groom will have their rings tattooed on their fingers.  That would mean that they have to stay married because it would be practically impossible to have the tattoos removed!  Or, maybe they could put something in their marriage contract about who would have to pay for a tattooed ring removal!


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