New owner, same traditions

As of March 1, 2012, Parish Photography belongs to Jenna-Beth Lyde.  We hammered out an agreement for the transfer of ownership of my 48 year old organization.

Parish Photography was started in 1964.  I had just graduated from Trinity and had completed my service in the Army.  I thought I would take a few pictures until I figured out which bank I was going to work for….since my major was “Commercial Banking.”

My uncle, George Parish, joined with me and we became so busy that I didn’t have time to worry about working for a bank.  Our studio was at 5021 Broadway for more than 20 years.  Then my uncle retired and I moved the studio to 7701 Broadway where the rent was lower!

I met Jenna-Beth at an Alamo Heights Chamber meeting a couple of years ago.  She had just graduated from Trinity University.  She came to work for me and after a short time, I was doing everything she told me to do!  She has great ideas and lots of energy.  So we just worked out a deal where she would own Parish Photography and I could work for her.

Now, I can come to work late!   We do weddings together….Jenna-Beth does all the modern things that brides love and I do all the old fashioned things that the parents love.  What a great deal for everybody!

Charles and JB




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