No pay no play

I’ll never forget it!  At a well-known private club on I-10 about 20 years ago the wedding party and their families were arriving early.  The band leader drove up, saw the father of the bride and quickly got out of his car and ran up to him. 

 Band leader went up to the father and I heard him say, “I am not going to play one single note until I am paid for this wedding AND your last wedding that we did for your other daughter…. in CASH.”  The father didn’t say a word.  He just got in his car and sped off.  About 45 minutes later he returned and went to the band leader and handed him an envelope.  It must have been the correct amount of money because the band played that night!

 In our early days of photography we did not require that brides pay us before their wedding.  There was more than one occasion where we never got paid for the photos!  In those days (remember film?) the bride would see a proof book about two weeks after the wedding.  Then they would bring it back in a month or so with the pictures marked with the quantity and size.  I remember one time a bride marked her order with stick figures…..we ordered 1 of some, 11 of some and 111 of some!  Pretty stupid!  Of course, now everything is on-line where the orders are placed.

Today, a bride can pretty much count on the fact that all of the venders are going to want to be paid before the event begins.  After all, it is a well-known fact that fathers of brides are all broke when the wedding is over!  That’s why a bride is sometimes offered $10,000 by their father if they will elope!


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