Runaway Bride? How about Runaway Groom?

I always take photos of the groom and groomsmen first, so that they can go to work greeting guests and ushering.  Sometimes the men come to the wedding already dressed and all they need is their boutonnieres pinned on.  After we finish with the men, we go to see the bride and her bridesmaids.  They are usually having their hair fixed and talking a lot.

The ladies were ready.  The bride’s father was there with his daughter.  The bridesmaids went out and lined up.  The bride and her father went out and got in line.  The groom usually comes out with the Minister and the groomsmen.  They had not come out.  I was asked to please go check on them.  They weren’t there!  The Minister came in and said, “Where are all the men?”  I said the sextant told me all the men had left in their cars.

Many phone calls were made.  The men could not be found.  This was before cell phones!  Finally, the Minister went out in front of the guests and said there would be no wedding.  The groom had disappeared.  This was about 20 years ago.

Almost the same thing happened last Friday night.  The groom did not show up at the rehearsal.  He would not answer his cell phone.  He sent a text message to the bride saying that he thought they would be better off not being married.  The Minister texted him and asked for a meeting.  He did not reply.  I don’t understand texts…that’s not communicating!  All of the venders had been paid.  Refunds?  Don’t count on it!

So, how can you prevent this sort of thing from happening at your wedding?  You can’t.  A man can be crazy when it comes to making a commitment.  I think a man gets cold feet right before a wedding.  Some feet are colder than others!  I have heard it said, “You never know what real happiness is until you are married…..and then it is too late.”


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