Is my bag big enough?

What’s the deal with women’s purses?  I don’t get it.  They are sometimes bigger than my camera bag.  It seems as though these purses are getting bigger every day.  I expect to see them being pulled around on wheels pretty soon!

So far I have never seen brides and bridesmaids carry purses.  Maybe brides will carry purses with flowers in them.  They can be like the little children and throw out petals  as they go down the aisle.

I understand that a lady is supposed to carry a “bag” that matches what she is wearing.  I also understand that this “bag” is supposed to be a different size for each time of the day or night…..and a different color!  Some “tacky” women carry the same “bag” all the time.  Maybe that is because they haven’t read the rules!

I’m glad that men are not faced with that challenge.  Except in Europe where men do carry purses, oh excuse me, I mean “Man Bags!”  Come to think of it, a physical trainer told me that I should not put a wallet in my rear pocket because it would affect the way I sit…..and hurt my back.  My wallet doesn’t have enough money in it to bother my back!

Getting back to a woman’s purse.  I see small ones and huge ones.  The large ones must be heavy.  What in the world is in there?  A guy once said that if he had one that large he could live out of it for weeks!







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One response to “Is my bag big enough?

  1. Jenny

    It’s a well-known fact that women carry large bags so they can be equipped to handle anything! You never know when you might need an extra pair of pantyhose, a hairbrush or a snack! Plus it’s always good to have a book on hand to pass the time in waiting rooms or on a plane. And you can’t forget the smaller bags that go in the large bag – such as a make up bag or a change purse!

    And there’s never such a thing as having too much stuff crammed in there.

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