Who are you?

We all have a name that we should be proud of….some of us even have a “nickname.”  Most of us have a First name, Middle name and Last name.  Some of us are a “Junior” or “III” or “IV.”  We are all very proud of our names.

In any case, when we meet someone we should say our First and Last names.  I say this because I hear people at weddings when they are introducing each other.  They way, “This is Bob.”  Or, “I’m Nancy” and “This is Fred.”   Shouldn’t they say their First Name and Last name?  I guess that doesn’t count if you are Cher or Tonto.

I was photographing a wedding where twins were being married a few years ago.  It was a Catholic wedding and it was very formal.  The priest had a hard time remembering names so he had each name printed on masking tape and pasted them on the backs of each kneeler.  As a joke, the groomsmen switched the names all around right before the ceremony was about to begin.

Well, you guessed it!  The event began and the brides and the grooms were kneeling in their places after being given away by their fathers.  The priest started conducting the ceremony.  The only problem was that he called each of them by the wrong name.  At first, the couples started looking at each other funny.  Then they started shaking their heads.  The Priest didn’t understand what was happening.  When the priest said the wrong names they all used their correct names.  All I can say is, “You had to be there!”  It was funny!

If you are with someone at a party and a person walks up, introduce that person to your friend.  Or, don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t remember your name.” 

I hope we never have to wear name tags!  By the way, if you’re over 40 and you have to wear a name tag your career is in trouble!


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