Since when can a guy be a bridesman?!


The wedding was about to begin…..but I had not been able to take any photos of the bride nor the bridesmaids getting ready because the hairdresser was dominating the scene.  He was fixing this girl and then that girl in the same room.  The hairdresser was simply putting himself in charge.  He was good and all that….but he took his sweet time!

Finally, I said to the hairdresser, “You have to get finished, so that I can take some photos of the bridesmaids.”  He put his hands on his hips admonishing me, and said, “I am a bridesmaid!

I then noticed that he was dressed in the same colors, etc. as all of the bridesmaids who were in the wedding.  This hairdresser walked down the aisle with the girls and, truly, he was a bridesmaid!  Actually, a very nice guy!  And a good bridesmaid!  He even wore matching earrings.

There is more to the whole story.  It turns out that the bride’s father had been gay and he had died of AIDS.  But, he had some beautiful daughters.  This hairdresser had really helped the bride understand the gay issue, so she asked the hair dresser to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  So there he was.  He finally got finished helping all the girls with their hair and the wedding started about thirty minutes late.  It could have been worse!

The moral of this story is… never know!


Just for the record, Mr.P is open minded and loves the gays.  However, he is 74 years old and very much stuck in the mindset of gender roles and titles.  Heaven forbid a male be a bride’s “maid” and a woman be a groom’s “man.”  What he doesn’t know is that these titles have changed to bridesman and groomswoman. 

Let’s get real!  Has anyone seen the movie Made of Honor??

Gay or not, men have weaseled their way into being bridesmaids (and vice-versa).  “When Harry Met Sally” might have advocated that men and women can’t be just friends, but the new trend of having some boys mixed in with the girls and the girls mixed in with the boys for a wedding party has proven us all wrong.

I happen to think it’s quite hip and trendy.  Let’s break down those stereotypes and rules we’ve been brainwashed with by the traditional wedding!  I’ve created this piece of artwork below to express my true feelings.


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  1. Kara

    bridesman, mailwoman…what is this world coming to?! 🙂 love the artwork, jb!

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