The Get-A-Way

The married couple can’t just drive away with cans and old shoes tied to the rear bumper.  That just doesn’t cut it in today’s world.

Now if your are married on a big ranch inSouth Texas, it is acceptable to leave on horses.  Never the bride and groom on the same horse.  If it is night time you have to make sure there is a full moon so you can see where you are going.

At the Country Club in the morning when the wind is lower, you can leave in a hot air balloon.  There was a wedding once in a hot air balloon where the bride and groom and the pilot were in the balloon.  The minister was on the ground.  The balloon started to go up and move fast.  The minister was running along the ground yelling, “Do you promise to love….etc.” and they were out of sight of each other within minutes.  I guess that counts as being married.

Sometimes, the groom is a pilot and they leave in their own private plane.  I remember a big wedding up the Texas panhandle the father of the bride was a pilot and they left in their own Lear Jet.

Lots of couples leave in a horse drawn carriage inSan Antonio.  Tourists can get rides in those carriages all the time.  It makes them feel like Cinderella…

A beautiful old convertible is always a great idea.  Of course, the couple should sit up on the back window with the top down and wave and throw kisses like royalty.

Harley riders always want to leave on their machines.  Great.  Be sure the bride doesn’t get her dress caught in the wheels.

People with lake homes up north of here can depart in their ski boat.  That’s always fun.  Very James Bondish.

Maybe the most interesting wedding I have ever done was when a couple, the minister, the best man and maid of honor all jumped out of a plane at 10,000 ft.  Having been a paratrooper myself, I can tell you that you can hear from far away at altitude.  And, there is enough time to do a normal ceremony on the way down. 

What is your dream get-a-way?


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