Three fathers of the bride

This was an exciting wedding in Austin….or maybe San Marcos.  The mother of the bride (known as the MOB in our industry) was happily married for the third time.

The mother was only married for a couple of years to the first husband, and he was really the father of the bride.  The mother remarried this very nice man and it lasted about twenty years and ended in a bad divorce.  Her mom then remarried for the third time to her current husband.  This man was the husband during the daughter’s wedding.

Since the bride had actually spent more time with her mother’s second husband…. that is the father she felt closest to.  She thought he should be the one to walk her down the aisle…and give her away…..and he did.  And it was great.  Everybody did a good job.

When it came time for formal photos there is always one with the bride and groom and the parents of the groom.  Then there was the very interesting picture.  It has the bride and groom and the bride’s mother and fathers.  Next to the bride were all three fathers!  They were all very friendly.

The second father was next to the bride….then the real father….then the current father.

I wish I could show you this photo, but is long gone!  Perhaps seeing Steve Martin three times will help.

One Father, Two Father, THREE Father

You might call this a triple exposure!



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2 responses to “Three fathers of the bride

  1. Haha, yes, seeing Steve Martin three times definitely did help! Great anecdote, Mr. Parish!

  2. They are going to git better! Happy Birthday!

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