The groom wore white socks

In the early days (1965) when I first went into business I did many weddings and portraits out of town so that if I screwed up nobody local would notice.  That is, nobody with whom I really wanted to do business with would notice! 

I found that people loved to have “formal” weddings, but they had no earthly idea what “formal” meant.  One wedding that I remember distinctly the groom and all the groomsmen wore rented tuxedos and white sox!  Come on!

In many “cowboy” weddings the men loved to wear their boots to prove they were real cowboys.  Now, if the boots are $2,000 alligators that’s OK.   But, if they are $150 boots, that isn’t OK.  Especially if they are white boots and you are wearing a tux.

Boots and White Socks


At these tuxedo shops, you can get all sorts of wild looking outfits.  Some of them are OK, but most of them look like costumes.  They give you these rented shoes that are fake leather and don’t fit. 

I remember one time all the dresses and shoes were delivered to the church for the bride…..stores used to do that….they don’t anymore.  Anyway, the shoes for the ladies and the men were delivered about 3 pm.   The wedding was at 8 pm.  When everybody arrived to get dressed about 5 pm……all the shoes had been stolen.  Everybody had to wear the shoes they wore to the church!  That was funny!

Let that be a lesson.  Don’t come to a wedding thinking everything is going to be there!  Even the groom.

I remember that one time the groom din’t show up.  That’s another interesting story!  It wasn’t funny at the time!


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