Crying won’t do you any good


A few years ago at Christ Episcopal Church here in San Antonio they were preparing for a very nice wedding with lots of moving parts.

The only problem was that the department store had not delivered the dresses for the bridesmaids.  There were five bridesmaids….all nice, grown ladies.  As the time got closer to the wedding there were still no dresses so the mother of the bride phoned the manager of the Frost Brothers….an old, well-known department store…..that is no longer in business!

There was a brand new priest.  He came out at the front of the church and said to the waiting guests, “Take ten.” They didn’t know what he meant.  I had to tell him to explain to the guests what was happening with the missing dresses.

The bridesmaids became hysterical.  Believe it or not, the father of the bride was a psychiatrist.  He started yelling “Crying won’t do you any good!”  That was good advice!  I suggested that they wear acolyte outfits.  That didn’t fly.

Finally, the owner of Frost Brothers arrived at church with the dresses.  They still had pins in them because the alterations had not been done.  The ladies managed to put them on carefully and make it down the aisle looking stiff as could be.


Another time in Del Rio, Texas, a dressmaker was making the dresses for a very prominent bride to be married at at the big Methodist Church.  For the weeks and months before the wedding, this dressmaker would not let anybody take a look at what she was doing.  She said she wanted to “surprise” the bride.

Finally, about three days before the wedding, the bride insisted on seeing the dresses.  At that point, the dressmaker broke down in tears and admitted that she had not even begun to make the dresses because she didn’t know how!

The bride’s mother phoned some big store in New York, ordered dresses, and they were delivered at a great expense just in time for the wedding to begin.  You get the point.  Check closely with people who are supposed to be “helping” with your wedding.  Sometimes they can be more hurtful than helpful.


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