Weddings gone to the dogs

A lot of Texas wedding parties include dogs.  Of course, they have to behave and act nice.  Usually they act nicer than the people do.  This very nice wedding was outside at the San Antonio Country Club.  The three dog friends had been members of the family for years, so why shouldn’t they be in the wedding? 

Three lucky dogs


When U.S. Representative Lamar Smith married Elizabeth at Camp Capers the best man was his dog.   The dog couldn’t help cut the cake because he wasn’t tall enough. 

Can I have a piece?


At Ashleys  wedding their dogs came early so they could take good pictures. 

Best man and maid of honor.


Paul Carson and Leta met when they were getting their dogs, so they included them in their wedding.  Makes sense to me.

Right at home.


It is not unusual for families to dress their dogs up and bring them to their events.  Rob Eversberg, King Antonio LXXXI, made his old friend feel part of the week.



Ranch weddings on a river just aren’t complete without a couple of old friends.  The wedding for Cally was up at their place near Hunt, TX on the Guadalupe River.  They even put a Texas flag across the river so everyone would KNOW where they were

Nowhere but Texas!

The bottom line is that it is your wedding and you can ask anyone you want to be in it….even your old friend….the puppy.
If you have any questions call me….Charles Parish – 210.824.9471.  Thanks

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One response to “Weddings gone to the dogs

  1. Paula Allen

    Loved the beautiful dog pictures! I’m sure these are given a prominent place in the wedding albums.

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