Wedding Day

You never know what real happiness is until you’re married……..and then it is too late!

Betty and I were married at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee on July 1, 1960.

Married 30 seconds - No Color Film

After he married us, Rev. Art Fippinger quit being a minister and moved to California.

It was pouring with lighting and thunder all during the wedding.  I have heard it said that when that happened the marriage doesn’t last!   We can see that’s not true.

The only photographer we could get in those days worked at the newspaper.  We have about 20 pictures….in black and white.  Not because black and white was “cool”….it was because he didn’t have any color film.

We left for our honeymoon….driving south to Monteagle, Tennessee.  My grandmother told me that I needed a pair of pajamas that were NEW.  I had to stop in some little town and buy a pair of pajamas.  I remember they had huge buttons.  It really didn’t matter because Betty got sick because she drank too much Champagne… she threw up all night.

The next morning we drove on to the Greystone Inn in Roaring Gap, North Carolina.  Really great place.  But, in the middle of the night a drunk guy walked in our room thinking it was his room!

Then it was on to Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.  That’s a great place.  We had a good time going into DC on weekends.  We were supposed to go to a wedding in New Jersey, but the trains were on strike!

Anyway, we are still married….51 years today.  I told her I loved her when I married her and if anything changed I would let her know.  No change.



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2 responses to “Wedding Day

  1. This is great Charles! I look forward to your many “like” quips through this blog. BTY (by the way):) we miss you at the PPSA meetings. David

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